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About me

Vishesh Unni Raghunathan is a Poet and a bookworm from Chennai. When he isn't busy writing, running or talking, you would find him in a book, most probably on Pg.42. When faced with a writer's block, he reviews books or thinks about humanity in general, life in particular and other complexities in the narration.

He has started and run many websites in the past, Bookrack India (now defunct) being one- a site for book reviews and promotions; Youthunite, a blog which had about forty other young people, not necessarily based on the number of revolutions around the sun; many, which is a top secret.

Apart from books and writing, and more book and writing, he also loves to travel places and click photos. He bought a DSLR, just to point at, when asked why he travels.

Vishesh has always wanted to do something new and different, like not  to run a facebook page or have a website about him, run by him. One day he hopes to achieve this by finding someone who would love him enough to (not) do this. 

He has a thousand ideas a day, and thinks, "The Light Shines The Brightest" sort of is the ultimate answer, though, zero, infinity and 42 are quite fascinating. After some serious thinking, he recently realized that he wasn't a rhinoceros.  While most of his family, neighbours, friends and friends' dogs are polyglots, he struggles to speak anything beyond English and Tamil.  

 He is also a Chartered Accountant.